How often do you find yourself saying, "I don't have enough time?" Or, "If only there was enough time I would...(fill in the blank)?"

These statements point to a false thought about your relationship to time and your life purpose! More accurately, these thoughts (and multiple other versions) disclose your perception of time, not time itself. "Time waits for no one" is another common statement which is factually true for those who live in a linear time frame.

Let's examine these statements more deeply. Below the surface of these thoughts are approaches to life (based on your current system of thinking) that represent more of a reactive/responsive approach to living one's life, rather than living creatively in the moment. In the reality of linear time, all you have is the current moment! The past can not be recaptured. There is no guarantee of the future. What you do have is this moment - a moment of choice, freedom, creativity. When you say, "I don't have enough time," you are putting limits on what is possible for you to create in your life and spending your resource of time on things that probably don't have great meaning or value for you. In these moments you are probably doing something that does not align with your personal values and purpose. Perhaps you're working on a task that someone else demands or expects that has no bearing on what is important to you. Check this out for yourself, especially at work. Are you doing your "life's work?" Or is it merely a job? You show up physically, but psychologically you are absent, disengaged.

Alternatively, if you choose to live your life spending your resource of time on things that are meaningful and purposeful, your experience seems quite different. Often the experience seems to move into the 4th dimension of non-linearity (Thank you Albert Einstein) and feel connected to the universe, and timelessness. These moments are key indicators of what is most important to you - your values and life purpose. Have you ever experienced moments of being lost in time? Recall one now. What was it? What was it about that experience that caused you suspend your perception of linear time and you just got lost in the experience?

In your moments of "lost in time," there is something in the nature of the activity that speaks to your inner knowing. Examine these moments. During these moments you find your energy rising. You feel more fully alive. These are the moments that point you in the direction of your higher life purpose.  

Workplace studies indicate that up to 70% of workers acknowledge being very disengaged, or somewhat disengaged. What a waste of time and life energy!  This state of being disengaged is a waste for both you and your organization.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not Pollyannaish suggesting that every single moment of every single day will be full of life energy. The critical criteria overall is: how fulfilling is your work and life? For example, when I am leading a training session or coaching a client, I feel the connection and energy - tasks that fulfill me. Running a successful business requires me to be astute with financials - tasks that deplete me. The nature of my work overall enhances my well-being.

Alternatively, for outside of work you can apply the same examination.

Life and time are a matter of making tough choices about where you put your focus and energy. What you focus on becomes your reality and experience. Know that the choices are yours. Either you can make conscious choices that will lead to fulfillment and purposefulness, or you can let time and life pass you by as you lead your life unconsciously to wherever.

Living life creatively with purpose and fulfillment do not necessarily happen over night. It requires an expenditure of some energy to first identify the destination (your goals), knowing your starting point, and creating and adjusting along the way.

Knowing your GPS ( See my free guide) is the starting point of living a purposeful and fulfilling life.  "Create and adjust" applies to time management from there  in that decisions are made around the questions of:

  •  What do you need to do more of?
  •  What do you need to do less of?
  •  What do you need to stop doing?
  •  What do you need to start doing?

In reality then, it is not a question of time management. It is a question of life purpose management. Deciding what you want you life to be guides you on how to spend your time. Realizing that your life has a purpose, and that you have been bestowed with your own unique gifts to offer world (perhaps not in your current experience) opens you up to a new reality of discovering your true nature and purpose for occupying a place on this planet.

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Ed Caldwell
Productive Learning Systems, Inc