Revolution, not Resolutions

As 2016 comes to a close and we await the new year, most people have some extra time and start focusing on what they want to see for themselves in the coming year. Commonly they turn these wishes into resolutions. I haven't made resolutions since my early 20s. Do you?

Back in those early days, I found I was often repeating the same the resolutions, but almost never accomplished them. By the end of January "life took over." I got distracted by the immediacy of the moment - and that was long before the technological revolution and "smart devices" came on the scene to make us so much more scattered with our attention.

Here's the problem with resolutions:

  •  They don't work!
  •  92% of new year resolutions are abandoned by the end of January.
  •  Resolutions lack the "mojo" of what works for creating personal change.
  •  Resolutions usually have no accountability factor built into their design. Without accountability, they are merely soft wishes. Wishful thinking does not create results!

Additionally, what is your daily work life like? In my surveys of clients only 10% state their work time is focused and peaceful. A whooping 69% report their daily lives as hectic, chaotic, and stressful.

It's no wonder that 2/3 of employees report they are either partially or completely "disengaged" from their work. Disengagement means they merely get by. It's no wonder, With demands constantly bombarding us by texts, email, and any other number of distracting sources demanding our attention, how can we engage and want to excel when everyone around us wants our attention NOW?

What about YOU?

This last year has been by all standards a rather bizarre transition time. Most people complain about not knowing what is coming in 2017. It doesn't have to be that way.

"The best way to predict the future is to create the future!" (Perecles, 454 BC)

Take a stand! Don't settle for "same-old." Revolt against the sameness. Let's Co-design your future.

Here's the answer:

Revolutionize your life and work and witness your remarkable evolution to becoming the best you can be. How?

Start by taking some reflective time. As I preach in my time management trainings - "nothing happens  in life until you create the space for it to happen." Think about that sentence. It applies to any "worthwhile" task or activity. The critical question we must all ask is, "what is truly worthwhile" for ourselves to re-ignite our energies and spirits?

Telling yourself "I don't have the time to....(whatever activity you might want to engage in doing for yourself) keeps you in the shackles of victimhood and powerlessness. Trapped in that thinking keeps you trapped in misery and detached from any semblance of life purposefulness. Isn't it time you stop you stop making excuses about "the way things are?" Let's work together to design a new script that will bring you different results!  

Making decisions of how to spend your life's resources (time and energy especially) based on what is "worthwhile" and purposefulness is a radical revolutionary stance to taking back control of your life energy and living a fulfilled life.

So what will YOU choose to do in the quieter moments of this time of year before the new year rolls around? What will you decide to make space for it to happen? Will you engage the new year with vitality and energy, or will you default into the comfort of sameness, even if it doesn't support your higher purpose while your life energy disengages?

Be Bold! Dare to Change! Live Purposely! To achieve more, you need to become more! I'm here to help you make that happen! What different actions will you design to make 2017 the year you create the life you most want? Let's talk!

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Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for Your Most Remarkable New Year!

Coach Ed Caldwell






Ed Caldwell
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