Has Your GPS Been Recalibrated? Here's How:

Similar to the GPS on your smart phone, or car navigation system, we humans also have a GPS. For most people they have this powerful navigation system within themselves, but have never read the owners manual to discover that it is there. Often they live their entire lives without knowing what a powerful system they have at their discretion.

A human GPS is your Global Personal Scenario (Statement, or Schemata). You turn it on by deciding where do you want your life to end up and represent to the world. It becomes your destiny, or legacy. Another way of formalizing your GPS would be clarifying your life purpose.

What is your life purpose? Really!

When you walk through a graveyard and read the inscriptions on tombstones, have you ever considered what would be written on yours? That's all that will be left when you leave the planet. How do you want to be remembered?

As stated in my free guide, "How to Move from Chaos to Clarity and Control: 3 Transformative Strategies for Life and Work," creating clarity around your life purpose/destiny enables you to take back control of the direction of your life. Tuning in to and creating your life purpose consciously allows you to discover more choices of actions you can take moment to moment helping you to organize your actions to achieve meaningful results.

Your GPS keeps you moving forward with more effective action. Taking actions consistent with your life purpose rekindles the mojo, the motivation that often becomes lost over time when you live day to day disconnected from your life's purpose.

Or is the concept of "Life Purpose" too "woo-woo" for you? If so, you can replace it with "legacy" instead. Whatever term you may want to use, will you have a memorable impact on this planet as a co-creator, or merely as a consumer of the gift of life?

It's truly up to you. You have a choice. What will you decide?

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