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Want to Be a Champion in Life or Work?
Ask for Feedback!


Although Joe Lufts and Harry Ingram, authors of the “Johari window” intended the model to be used for management development, the same framework can be applied to successful workplace communication. As many of you who have seen me live have heard, whenever we interact we have a blind spot – that part in our behavior that we don’t see, yet others do. When we operate in our blindspot, we experience difficulties connecting to others and success fails us. One of the best quotes from Ken Blanchard goes, “Feedback is the breakfast food of champions.” Often people fail to ask for feedback because they fear what they may hear in return. Here are some simple steps to help you on your way to being a workplace communication champion.


Two of the most important keys to job success are: keep doing what you do well – your strengths, and correct the things you don’t do so well – your weaknesses, or developmental opportunities. This latter area is where we will focus:


  1. Do periodic self-assessments – there are numerous self-assessment instruments you can use. See our Online Store for some. But the best and most accurate information on your performance comes from others – your boss, coworkers, and customers.
  2. Be willing to take action on the results.
  3. Ask others: “What one or two specific things can I do to be more successful, better, etc.?”
  4. Ask: “What can I do to serve you better in the future?”


You’ll be amazed at how willing people will be to tell you what you really do need to hear. When structured in this manner, the feedback can be actionable. It takes courage on your part to ask – you may be unwilling to hear the truth. It also takes courage to give the feedback. Be sure to thank the person, even if the person does not return platitudes of loving you. They truly will have given you a gift. Remember, when communicating: the message received is the message.


 "Remember, when communicating: the message received is the message."


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