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Masters Degree Columbia University in Education and Human Development, 15 years sales and sales management experience from contributor to National Director, 15 years management and leadership consulting, Certified Professional CoActive Coach (CPPC), International Coach Federation certified (PCC), Positive Intelligence Coaching (CPQC


As a lifelong entrepreneur, educator, sales leader, manager, and executive consultant I have over 20 years experience helping individuals and organizations become the best versions of themselves. When I was newly promoted from individual contributor to district manager, I had no idea my world changed under feet when it came time for managing a diverse staff. I was lucky to have a set of mentors and coaches that skyrocketed my career. As a consultant and coach, I’ve worked with individual performers, emerging leaders, and executives helping them lead change and develop their capacities to create the results they care about and need while remaining true to themselves and their higher values. My experience as a Management and Leadership consultant and coach has given me a breadth and depth across industries and organizational levels. The diversity of this experience resonates deeply within me as I continue to fulfill my life purpose of helping create impactful growth to my clients from organizations such as AT&T, Google, Boeing, Salesforce, Warner Media, US Naval Reactors Programs, Ford, GM, Chrysler, American Management Association, Canadian Management Association, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, and others.

In today’s fast paced dynamic and diverse workplace we are all challenged to make space for our growth and development if we are to successfully meet those changing demands. I believe coaching provides the most efficient learning approach to meet those needs for an individual especially for non-technical, but complex human problems of managing and leading. Working individually with my clients we break the myth that “leaders are born,” and work together to develop the leadership skills and abilities they desire and need for their growth, while staying true to themselves and honoring their highest values. As I partner with them on their journey, I probe, listen, challenge, and support them to become more in order to achieve more.

I work with managers at all levels facing increasing responsibilities aspiring to become highly effective leaders. They face challenges of producing increasing results, reduced resources, and employee motivation and performance issues, but want to experience passionate followership, high performing teams, camaraderie, innovation, and trusting communication in their relationships. I help them navigate through their uncertainty using proven coaching methodologies based on neuroscience, positive psychology, and performance psychology. We engage in a cooperative partnership in achieving their most deeply held important goals as they develop more confidence, make better decisions, improve relationships, and feel more balanced and fulfilled in both their careers and personal lives.


What Others Say:

I was very fortunate to have worked with Ed over good part of 2020. He is one of the most insightful, empathetic and helpful coaches I have worked with over my career.

- Chip Barnes, Director of Operations and Chief Engineer, Ball Corporation


Ed is a very perceptive coach who can quickly get the root of known issue as well as areas that could use improvement. Ed was able to quickly identify key aspects of the issues I knew I was dealing with and helped uncover areas I was not aware were problematic for me.

Ed helped me continue my transition from manager to leader, and taught me the critical differences between strategic Thinking, Planning and Execution. He worked with me to develop strategies to better connect with my employees and grow as a leader.

Ed is a great coach, teacher and always has a positive attitude. If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with Ed, you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve yourself and the lives of people around you.

It was a pleasure and great discovery experience working with Ed as my coach, post COVID-19 in NYC. Before working with Ed, I had some challenges: 1) Difficulty focusing on projects due to multiple projects going on; 2) Trying to get home by 7pm to be with my family.

As a result of the coaching, I am doing some things differently:

1. Learning to prioritize each day: what 2 or 3 things do I truly want to accomplish today?

2. How to say no, or rather, how to not say yes too quickly; how to reframe saying no.

3. Rearrange my schedule so that once a week, I can work from home, and be with my family more.

Through coaching with Ed, I learned to look at my roles and responsibilities via Mind Mapping – the roles I play and how proud I am of them; also how much I am truly doing! I learned some concrete lessons as well:

1. Remind myself to set SMART goals, with specific time points and specific accountable people.

2. Remind myself about goals and challenges, and to stay on task.

3. Not be too ambitious: “Yard by yard, everything is hard. Inch by inch, it’s a cinch.”

Lots of life lessons in there. Thanks to Ed.

- Cynthia X Pan, Division Chief Geriatrics and Palliative Care Medicine, NY Presbyterian Hospital

As a Director of Production at News Corporation, I was challenged to supervise an ever larger pool of direct reports, in addition to increasing reporting to upper management. I was referred to Ed Caldwell by a mutual friend who suggested that Ed might be able to help me. I found Ed Caldwell to be instrumental in helping me to creatively organize my time, but more importantly, my outlook. Ed helped me to understand that some of the skills that I was using were not always working. I found that the experience of having someone on the outside, helping me to see myself objectively, was transformative."

- Paul Sanders


"Ed Caldwell is a talented business coach who helped me move through the process of co-owning a yoga studio. He encouraged me to look at both my strengths and potential weakness that I contributed to the business and gave invaluable insight for navigating differences in our vision for the brand with my partner. With careful listening, and insightful questions, Ed provided a sounding board for the studio, and helped us navigate potentially difficult decisions through his guidance and support. Ed allowed me to see myself, my partner, and our partnership objectively, and how I could modify my communication and actions for positive results. The lessons I learned working with Ed will continue to serve me in all aspects of both my professional and personal life."

- Lori Finch


Coaching Style: Focused, challenging, engaged, compassionate, fun-loving, enlightening

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