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Ed Caldwell began his coaching training over twenty years ago during his first career transition having studied and become certified by the artist, musician, and organizational consultant Robert Fritz (consulting partner with Peter Senge, Fifth Discipline and MIT, Systems Thinking) utilizing The Technologies for Creating methodologies for personal development and creating results. Since then Ed has grown his consulting, training, and coaching practice applying a strategic approach to helping organizations and individuals achieve the highest results in their careers and personal lives.


As a multi-career changer himself, Ed has also been a life-long educator and trainer while moving from start-up programs in education, to sales, educational sales management, and eventually internal consulting with one of the Brtitannica companies before establishing Productive Learning Systems, Inc, a boutique training and consulting firm in Atlanta, GA delivering programs in accelerated learning, brain training, management and leadership skills, communication skills, and personal productivity.


With a keen understanding of the human mind, Ed Caldwell has always approached his clients’ needs with a wholisitc approach taking into consideration all aspects of the organization or the individual in order to create major shifts in their thinking and behavior. His ability to probe deeply and see the inter-relationship of the parts to the whole often leads to surprising and powerful insights enabling clients to make effective and lasting changes for their lives and the organizations in which they work.


He remains a much sought after facilitator and coach and is a key faculty member for American Management Association where he developed several popular offerings. As one of Ed’s client’s described him, “He fuels the lamp, provides the fire, and guides the individual to ignite the spark within.”

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